Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Mrs. Jennifer Karina is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and a non-executive director of Kenya Reinsurance Corporation.Mrs. Karina has a career spanning over 40 years in Corporate Leadership. She is a Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Practitioner, acclaimed Speaker & Author.  She is a thought leader in Relationship Strategies and has been a Researcher for over three (3) decades. She is the founder and Lead Coach of Anchor Relationship Network, a personal and professional development agency that provides Psychosocial Support, Corporate Wellness, Leadership & Talent Development, Power Talks, Coaching & Mentoring. She has served as the Chairman of the Human Resources and Nominations Committee of the Kenya Reinsurance Board. 
Mrs. Karina holds a Master of Arts degree from Durham University, UK and is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology. She has attended leadership professional courses from various institutes including Harvard Business School, USA, Singapore Institute of Management, Canfield School of Management, UK and Strathmore Business School, Kenya. She is a member of the Institute of Directors, Institute of Leadership and Management, UK and is a Certified Trustee of the College of Insurance and the HUMPER Centre of Employee Benefits, Canada. 
Mrs. Karina started her career in Dawa Pharmaceuticals Limited in 1977, then moved to Ljubljanska Bank East Africa Representative Office as the Manager, Operations in 1982 where she worked for 17 years. She served as a director at Narika Company Limited between 2010-2012 while between 2005 -2014 she was the Managing Director of Anchor Consult.
Mrs. Karina has diverse skills having served both in private and public sector as Board Director of various organizations. She has served as the Chairman, Banki Kuu Pension Fund, Central Bank of Kenya Pension Fund from 2010 -2017, National Constituency Development Fund Board from 2008 – 2013 and The Chief Commissioner Kenya Girl Guides Association from 2013 – 2019.  She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts. 
She is a recipient of World Women Leadership Achievement Award 2015 in Mumbai, India, in recognition of the valuable contribution made to society & Industry, East Africa’s Regional Winner (2017) in Welfare & Civil Society Organization Sector of CEO Global’ s Most Influential Women in Business and Government awards.
Mrs. Karina’s mission in life is to support individuals and teams to create an intentional life of resilience, clarity and purpose, in order to thrive both at a personal and professional level, increasing levels of satisfaction, happiness and fruitfulness, a healthier lifestyle and higher productivity. She is married to Bob Karina, has three (3) adult children and several grandchildren.