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Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor. In this life, everyone has a mentor and if not, one has atleast someone to whom you look up to derive inspiration and motivation to do better in a particular matter. During the Kenya Re tree planting activity held on 16th May 2017, members of the board of directors and staff took some before the start of the tree planting exercise to give some advice and encouragement to students of Kibiko Secondary School in Ngong. 


The mentorship session took around an hour with members of the board and staff at all cadres of the Corporation sharing their life experiences and how they made it to the positions they hold today at the Corporation. Some of the experiences were very inspirational as they trace from very humble beginnings but through sheer hard work being focused and putting God first they managed to beat all odds to hold the positions they hold today. 


Kenya Re MD Jadiah Mwarania reiterated that each of the students has an equal opportunity to excel in their studies and achieve their life goals. He added that none of the staff has undergone any kind of special treatment to be where they are today but it is through sacrifice, hard work and discipline that they are where they are today. Staff who spoke during the mentorship session encouraged students to dream big and aim for the peak of success. Kenya Re members of the board of directors present added weight to the pieces of advice given saying that all students are capable of attaining success that they aspire of but were also quick to note that a successful life has its to be anchored on personal discipline and values. 


They encouraged the students to start shaping their lives while in school. The session culminated in the Principal, Mr. Mwaura thanking members of the Board, senior management and staff for sharing words of wise counsel with the students since it has more impact to the students when it comes from people working in organizations of great repute as Kenya Re.


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