It is with no doubt that the 300 beneficiaries from Eldoret County were overjoyed after receiving the mobility and assistive devices. This is in appreciation to the NIKO FITI – Ability Beyond Disability campaign. This is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by Kenya Reinsurance Corporation in partnership with the Association of the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK). The distribution was held on 7th October 2016 at 64 stadium.

The provision of the mobile vending units, canes, stylus and diapers will go a long way in achieving personal mobility. Access to these devices is a precondition for achieving equal opportunities, enjoying human rights and living in dignity. Disability increases the possibility of falling into poverty by being excluded from participation in development initiatives. In this regards, Kenya Re in conjunction with APDK conducted a two-day training workshop for the beneficiaries to equip them with various skills which will enable them to start their own businesses seamlessly.

Upon receiving the devices, the beneficiaries attested that their lives would now change for the better. Having learnt so much, they can now adequately boost their income to provide for their families. They added that they will advise others back at home to register with APDK and be future beneficiaries of similar initiatives. The beneficiaries reiterated that the devices will enhance functional independence and make daily living tasks easier by helping them travel, communicate with others, learn, work, and participate in social and recreational activities.

The residents from West Indies, Huruma, Maili nane, Langas and Kisumu ndogo were called upon to join the cause in order to completely eradicate the stigma associated with disability during the roadshow. The 2016 Niko Fiti na Kenya Re ambassador, Phelix Odiwuor a.k.a Jalango was also present to mobilize the public to support the initiative and help in complete eradication of stigma associated with disability in Kenya.