Niko Fiti team received in Bungoma

Over 200 people living with disability in Bungoma received equipment under the Niko Fiti- Ability Beyond Disability campaign. They were granted 400 assistive and mobility devices worth Ksh l.2 million from Kenya Reinsurance Corporation, Niko Fiti campaign. The equipment included wheelchairs, tricycles, crutches, walking frames, white canes, special seats, yaya seats, polio boots, slates and stylus among others. Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Corporate Affairs Manager, Ms. Gladys Some- Mwangi, said, “The program empowers persons living with disabilities to effectively participate in social, economic and academic activities with ease.” She continued, “Persons living with disabilities should be able to receive a proper education and participate in social and economic activities that will help them provide for their families, as well as contribute to the economy of our beloved country.” 


The project, which has benefited over 4,000 people across the country so far, is part of Kenya Re’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Living with disabilities can be challenging. People who do not have any disabilities may find it difficult to understand the plight of those who do. The personal stories of those living with disabilities offered a refreshing perspective on the meaning of life and the ability to endure an entirely new way of living. One such story is that of Henry Makokha, a beneficiary from Busia, who says he regained his self-esteem after he received prosthesis for his right leg that was amputated following a bone infection. As a teacher, he can now concentrate on his students as he is now able to teach full time, which was not possible before he received the prosthesis from Kenya Re. 

While in Bungoma Kenya Re’s Managing Director, Mr. Jadiah Mwarania said that the 400 assistive and mobility devices were distributed to the PWD’s to assist them in being able to participate in social and economic activities that will help them provide for their families as well as contribute to the economy of our country. Through the distribution of these assistive devices, Niko Fiti na Kenya Re’s goal is to impact the lives of all people in our society. These devices are meant to ease the movement of the beneficiary and enable them to live independently. People living with disability should join the existing support groups that will enable them to benefit fully from the funds set aside specifically for them. 

The Niko Fiti Campaign is a noble idea that has brought love and joy to needy people in our society. We shall continue to urge the national government, county government, our esteemed partners; such as APDK and the Standard Group, to support this initiative and come up with more initiatives like this because Kenya Re alone cannot help every person. Speaking in Bungoma County while handing over the devices at Kenya Medical Training College grounds, Kenya Reinsurance’s manager in charge of corporate affairs, Gladys Some- Mwangi, said the campaign is dubbed ‘ability beyond disability’. She challenged those living with disability to stop despising themselves as disability is not inability citing the case of this year’s KCPE top candidate Goldalyn Kakuya who is living with albinism. Gladys added that the aim of ‘Niko Fiti’ campaign is to demystify disability and to stop stigmatization.


Since its inception in 2011, the Campaign has touched and changed the lives of over 4000 persons living with disability in different counties across Kenya, through the provision of assistive and mobility devices. The campaign has traversed the whole country through caravans in the last 4 years, with a dedicated team that issued the various devices. The Campaign also aims at complete eradication of stigma associated with disability in the various counties. APDK also hosted an educative training for the mobile vending units beneficiaries to equip them with various skills such as financial management including leadership and governance. The objective of the campaign is to lift the stigma towards persons living with disability and to provide assistive devices that will enable them have accessibility and mobility to engage in daily nation building activities. This will integrate them into social and community life.

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