Niko Fiti Upgrades Shining Star

The Niko Fiti Campaign is the flagship CSR initiative of Kenya Reinsurance Corporation. Over four years, it has touched and changed lives of over 5000 Persons living with Physical Disability (PWDs). Niko Fiti helps them benefit through the provision of assistive and mobility devices as well as mobile vending units in Kenya. 


The campaign is informed by statistics developed by The National Disability Survey covering the number of PWDs and their distribution countrywide, the demographic, socio-economic & socio-cultural characteristics of PWDs, the nature, types and causes of disability in the country, the gender-specific problems faced by PWDs, the coping mechanisms and needs of people with disability and the nature of services and rehabilitation programs needed by type. 


Over the years, the campaign has expanded its wings and gone further and beyond than just providing assistive devices to PWDs. Through its partnership with APDK and the Ministry of Education, the Niko Fiti campaign has pioneered an integration program that will ensure brilliant PWDs get enrolled in national schools such as Lenana School and Moi Girls-Isinya. 

During the first quarter of the financial year, Kenya Re visited Shining Star Children’s Centre which is a home that provides care to children living with disability in the slum of Mukuru kwa Njenga. During the first visit to the home, Kenya Re discovered that the home lacked a proper sanitary kitchen, good beds, toys for the kids and so much more. The Corporation decided to help out by providing a proper sanitary kitchen away from the sleeping area, new beds and mattresses, children play mats and promised its commitment to the home to ease their burden.


We believe that the distribution given to the children’s home by Kenya Re will aid a great deal. The children will be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and see that they lead productive and healthy lives and ultimately being contributive members of the society. Kenya Re believes that children are the future and children living with disability particularly deserve the same opportunities and comfortable lives, just like any other child. By upgrading the children’s home, Kenya Re’s idea was to create a model children’s home for inclusive children’s home in Kenya. We believe that this home shall inspire like-minded organizations and the government to provide inclusive homes for PWDs.


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