Championing research excellence in KenyaRe

For any organization to remain as competitive as possible, research remains a vital component to make it a reality. Following successful procurement of consultancy firm, African Stats Limited, to install four (4) different soft wares to carry out different functions namely: analysis of quantifiable data using Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) analysis of qualitative data including all unstructured data from social media using NVIVO, Data visualization using Tableau and a platform for periodical data gathering, the Research & Development department commenced a process to identify research champions within departments in the Corporation.

The pursuit for embedding best research practices commenced with a week-long training from 6th May 2019 to 10th May 2019 at Kenya School of Monetary Studies where champions got to meet with the consultants, identify research gaps within their specific departments as well as chart the way forward with the regard to expectations for fruitful engagements for the various training sessions. The consultants, led by their Director - Mr. Charles Makau, gave their commitment to ensure discussions were as interactive as possible and so did the research champions. The training indeed commenced on a good note. The training has so far covered unstructured data analysis using SPSS where champions had the prime opportunity to provide the various data sets used in their departments for purposes of learning within the training; this was a superb way of learning as champions could easily understand what was being taught through use of their own data.  The champions were able to appreciate how the Corporation could analyze unstructured data from multiple channels and combine that information with structured data, such as demographic and transactional data, for a complete understanding of customer preferences and trends. They also go to appreciate the increasing importance of analyzing social media and to appreciate the best practice on how firms measure marketing effectiveness. 

The other topic covered was unstructured data analysis using Nvivo which involved the collection and analysis of unstructured data, such as interviews, articles, social media content, open-ended survey questions, etc. which aid in organizing, analyzing, and finding insights in unstructured data. The last topic was Electronic data collection and visualization using Clic data. Champions were able to learn about the usefulness of Clic data in making Business Intelligence simpler, accessible and more comprehensible. It further equipped champions with the know-how on how to easily handle any type of data and tightly connect it to visualization to achieve smarter and faster visualization.
For any good and sound decisions to be made in the Corporation, it is prudent that they be backed by research. The initiative to have research champions is a step in the right direction to augment research at Kenya Re and needless to say, champion research excellence at Kenya Re.

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