Property Particulars

Outside the core business of offering Reinsurance services to the market, Kenya Re has a significant property portfolio, which constitute about 35% of its total investements. Investment properties comprise office building held to earn rentals and capital appreciation and land acquired for development of office property and housing projects for rental and/or capital appreciation.

Kenya Re Towers, Upperhill Nairobi

This relatively new property is situated along an unnamed access road, ap-proximately 100 metres off Ragati Road in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area. It is identified as Kenya Re Towers adjacent to the European Union and opposite the Japanese Embassy. The property is in neighbourhood of Britak Centre and Rahimtullah Towers among others.

Anniversary Towers, Nairobi

The property is situated adjacent to AMBANK House and lies along University Way and Monrovia Lane, overlooking Maendeleo House within Nairobi City Centre. It is in the neighbourhood of Posta SACCO Plaza, Hazina Towers and View

Reinsurance Plaza, Nairobi

The property is situated along Aga Khan Walk and Taifa Road, almost directly opposite the High Court and Nairobi Cinema within Nairobi City Centre.

Reinsurance Plaza, Kisumu

The property is situated at the junction of Jomo Kenyatta highway and Oginga Odinga Road within Kisumu City Center. It is adjacent to Varsity Towers to the west, Alpha House to the north and in the neighbourhood of Diamond Trust Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Al Imran Plaza and Kisumu Hotel. It is at the heart of the lakeside city’s CBD.

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