Service Delivery Charter

The Purpose of our service charter


At Kenya Reinsurance Corporation, we are constantly striving to improve our service levels and to foster closer relationships with all our customers wherever they are.

This service charter is an expression and manifestation of our commitment to improving our service and ways of communicating with our customers.

This service charter sets out the standard that customers can expect from us, explains how they can obtain information and how to let us know if they have concerns and offer us advice on how they can help us serve them better.

The hallmark of this service charter is our promise to provide consistent professional and high-quality service.  

This means that at all times:


•        Our clients will be treated with courtesy and consideration and our staff will be helpful at all times.

•        Customer questions and needs will be attended to promptly.

•        We will exercise the utmost integrity in providing services to our clients.

•        We will not disclose any information that may adversely affect our clients without their consent, except where we are under legal obligation to disclose.

Our service commitment includes and applies to everything we do or undertake to perform, whether it is our letters, documentation, communication, undertakings, disclosures or other services provided by our own people, agents, brokers, intermediaries, licensees and contractors.

Customer Service Standards


We aim to provide a high quality, value for money service to our clients at all times.  Our standards assist us in achieving this.  We promise to: -

•        Meet our customers’ needs by providing quality service.

•        Act always in a courteous, friendly and professional manner.

•        Always ensure professional presentation of our people, staff, facilities and equipment.

Considering the “Information age” in which we live, an environment that leads to high demands and expectations for services, Kenya Reinsurance Corporation adopts an imaginative, innovative and flexible response to meeting our customers’ needs by aligning our focus with their requirements.

Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Limited has consultative mechanisms including regular meetings with the clients.  We look forward to continuing our close working relationships with our customers and extending those relationships as widely as possible.


What you can expect from us: 


•        We will sign and send treaty slips to our cedants/brokers (4) days after receipt of the treaty slips.

•        We will create treaty codes for new business (7) days after receipt of the treaty slips.

•        We will key in returns with (3) days of being received

•        We will collect returns within (60) days after a quarter.

•        We will prepare treaty slips for cedants & reinsurers to execute where we are leading within (2) weeks from the date of receipt of such offers.

•        We will acknowledge claims notification within (2) days and settle fully supported claims within (7) days.

•        We will process payments within (15) days after receipt of the invoice.

•        We will confirm quarterly returns within (7) days of receipt of the same from the cedants/broker.

•        We will prepare and submit performance contracting reports within (15) days after the end of the quarter.

•        We will respond to facultative offers within (2) days.

•        We will analyze and respond to treaty offers within (2) days.

•        We will respond to all letters within two (2) working days.

•        We will respond to emails within (2) working days.

•        We will answer telephones within three (3) rings.

•        We will attend to our visitors within 5 minutes of their arrival.

•        We will acknowledge complaints within (24hours) and settle them within (30) days

•        We will respect peoples’ differences and treat everybody fairly and to the same high standard.

•        We will not make promises we cannot keep.


What we expect from our clients:


•        Apply the same standards of behavior towards our staff and other customers as you expect from us.

•        Timely feedback on the level of satisfaction.

•        Timely feedback on what and how we can improve our services.


Tell us about our service


We will regularly consult customers to find out how satisfied they are with the level of service we provide and how we can improve.

If you want to make a complaint about something we have done, or failed to do, please let us know straight away.


This service charter will be reviewed after every two years taking into consideration of the changing business environment.


 You can download a signed Service Charter from this link: Service Delivery Charter


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