The Shariah Supervisory Board is chaired by Prof. Badamana. Prof. Badamana is currently the Chairman, Department of Animal Production at the University of Nairobi. He has also been the Director of World Assembly of Muslim Youth – East Africa and has taught Islamic law at the University of Nairobi Department of Philosophy and Religious studies.

For the last nine years, Prof. Badamana has been running Islamic programmes in the national broadcaster – Kenya Broadcasting Station. He also delivers Quranic exegesis lectures in the month of Ramadhan at various mosques in Nairobi. He obtained his Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition and Master of Science in Animal Production from Reading University (UK). He has a second Ph.D. in Islamic Philosophy from Khartoum University. Prof. Badamana has a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Mosul University in Iraq, and a Diploma in Animal Husbandry from Egerton College. He has participated in various Islamic conferences and written numerous Islamic articles including authoring a book titled: Hadithi Arubaini Nawawi, Tafsiri na Sherehe yake.