As a public quoted Company we endevour to always practice good Corporate Governance. If for any reason you are asked to give a bribe to get any service from us, or note any malpractice please do not hesitate to report the same using the email address or call (0722209688 & 0734600562 Corruption reporting lines), and if it is a complaint use Complaints direct lines 0722201215/0734333244.

If you are dissatisfied with our services, please feel free to share with us on, and we assure you we shall attend to the concerns.

You can view our Anti-Corruption Policy here for more information.

Corruption Reporting Customer Complaints
Corruption Reporting Lines - Nairobi
  1. +254 703 083 241
  2. +254 703 083 341


Customer Complaints Lines - Nairobi
  1. +254 703 083 210
  2. +254 703 083 212