Customer experience, or CX, is one of those phrases that has been tossed around a lot in recent years. For Kenya Re, It’s not just another industry buzzword. We take Customer Experience very seriously. We believe that customer experience is pivotal in increasing our business revenues and further help us deliver investor and shareholder value to all our customers and stakeholders alike.

Kenya Re is very committed to creating value for each of our customers by working hand in hand with them for mutual benefits. We appreciate the fact that each customer is unique in their contribution as well as expected outcome from the Corporation when setting objectives with regards to them. We, therefore, undertake to ensure that true value and top-notch customer experience is achieved for each customer in the long term. Our customers consist of insurance companies (local and international), tenants, regulators, shareholders, employees as well as the communities that are impacted by our business or the localities in which we operate in.

Our Managing Director, Dr. Hillary Maina Wachinga, has made a special leadership pledge towards reassuring our customers on achieving service excellence from an agile, innovative and responsive Kenya Re. He has reassured customers of an expeditious turnaround time of response to emails and phone calls.

In line with understanding our customers’ requirements and concerns to enable us improve on our products, investments and service offerings, we often conduct customer satisfaction surveys to monitor the level of customer contentment with all aspects of our brand and offerings. Below is an overall positive insight and diagram illustration of our level of customer satisfaction which depicts our commitment to customer experience on all aspects of our business:

85% of our customers on overall (73%-satisfied and 12% very satisfied) with all aspects of services that we provide